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4 weeks

Information during open day


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An open day is a great opportunity to communicate with potential students. HU University of Applied Sciences Utrecht contacted us and asked to create a brochure that would better exploit this opportunity. The printed brochure also had to reflect the new corporate identity, which had already been implemented online. The main aim of the brochure was to inform parents and students, in order to help them when deciding what to study.



We explained our concept for the brochure during a kick-off meeting. When doing so, the main challenge was to integrate route-related instructions with course-related information, while making sure the brochure remained attractive. Influencers (real students) could use this brochure to show people around during the open day. They could share their experiences and really be followed on Instagram. Once the contours had been defined, HU University of Applied Sciences Utrecht organised a photo shoot. We then received a general outline of the texts and got to work with visually incorporating them into the brochure.



We used the provided text and new images to create a logical design throughout the brochure, whereby potential students are guided through the physical location while also informing them about all available study options and what they must do next to select the appropriate course. The brochure is modified every open day and is published in printing runs of 7500.


Van de studenten maakt de verkeerde studiekeuze (landelijk gemiddelde). 

Vindt een baan in het eigen vakgebied. 


Client quote

It was our first collaboration with Jaaf and their approach clicked right away. Quick feedback could be given and processed via an online system. Because of these short lines, we had the desired design within a short time. And we also have had other products developed at Jaaf, such as a student journey infographic.


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