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Customer request

INK Hotel Amsterdam already had a clear corporate identity, which they were very pleased with. However, they like to regularly design new publishing and printing material that is in keeping with this corporate identity. They then look for a service provider that offers creative ideas, acts quickly and understands printing and online publishing. Naturally, we love rising to such challenges.

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We closely studied the existing corporate identity and examined the available resources. We then used this as a foundation to see if the required style could be incorporated into suitable publications.



We developed a variety of items, from fun things like drinks labels and nail polish to more standard items like menus and invitations. We always thoroughly enjoy looking for new ideas while maintaining the overall style.


Client quote

The collaboration with JAAF has been really enjoyable from the get go! Everyone in the team perfectly understands what I mean when I explain a particular ‘feeling/atmosphere/idea’. Sometimes, I am not exactly sure what I am looking for and therefore provide very little specific input, but JAAF is always able to respond creatively and achieve a nice final result.

They often also present their own creative ideas to make the whole realization even better, which is great! They are also able to respond very quickly, within short deadlines, and are able to implement many different styles (corporate, humorous, vintage, etc.)


Ink Hotel Amsterdam

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